Recap of the 1st HECOF Co-Design Workshop in Athens

In the pursuit of reshaping the landscape of education through the HECOF (Higher Education Classroom Of the Future) project, a pivotal Co-Design Workshop was conducted on October 6th and 7th, 2023 at the National University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering (NTUA). 

The primary objective of the workshop was to delve into user needs and expectations, explore materials and topics suitable for virtual reality (VR) or alternative presentations in the context of adaptive learning, and outline the essential requirements for the HECOF system. By doing so, the workshop aimed to set the stage for a transformative approach to learning, emphasizing the potential impact of extended reality (XR)-based education.

In the workshop, NTUA presented the learning content on the selected topic of extraction and complemented the introduction with lab and industry visits, NUROMEDIA performed an introduction in extended reality technology with demonstration of various content on VR headset, and ADAPTEMY expanded on adaptive learning aspects.

Teaching staff and students were actively engaged in co-design sessions and interviews hosted at the School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University. These interactions provided valuable insights into their daily lives, revealing needs, expectations, and training requirements in the context of emerging educational technologies.

The success of the first HECOF Co-Design Workshop lies in its ability to bridge the gap between user needs, technical requirements, and educational innovation. 

Collaborative efforts from key partners – KONNEKTABLE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (KT), ETHNICON METSOVION POLYTECHNION (NTUA), POLITECNICO DI MILANO (POLIMI), NUROMEDIA GMBH (NURO), SOFTWARE IMAGINATION & VISION (SIMAVI), ADAPTEMY LIMITED played a fundamental role. Their expertise, collaborative spirit, and unwavering dedication were instrumental in the success of this transformative initiative.  

The HECOF project continues to pave the way for a future where education is immersive, engaging, and responsive to the evolving needs of both educators and learners.

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