• D1.1 The Management and Quality Assurance Handbook, KT, M2
  • D1.2 Periodic Report for Period 1, KT, M16
  • D1.3 Periodic Report for Period 2, KT, M30
  • D2.1 User Requirements and Functional Specifications, NURO, M12
  • D2.2 Ethical, Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessment, KT, M12
  • D3.1 Learning Design Document for HECOF’s NTUA pilot class, ADAPTEMY, M12
  • D3.2 Learning Design Document for HECOF’s POLIMI pilot class, ADAPTEMY, M12
  • D4.1 Integrated system-first release, KT, M22
  • D4.2 Integrated system-final release, KT, M26
  • D5.1 Pilot monitoring and evaluation methodology, NURO, M21
  • D5.2 First evaluation of pilot activities & user requirements refinement, NURO, M24
  • D5.3 Final evaluation and impact assessment, NURO, M30
  • D6.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan, KT, M2
  • D6.2 Sustainability and Exploitation Plan, KT, M30
  • D6.3 White Paper, KT, M30

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