The overall objective of the HECOF initiative is to create systemic change through fostering innovation in HE teaching practice and national reforms in education by developing and testing an innovative personalized, adaptive way of teaching that exploit the digital data from students’ learning activity in immersive environments and use computational analysis techniques from data science and AI.

-To design and develop instructional content and a personalized adaptive learning system in immersive learning environments with a conceptual focus on “Chemical Engineering” academic discipline.
-To engage teaching staff and students in shaping and co-designing the learning system.

In order to achieve the above objectives, HECOF System will consist of the following technologies/components

  • VR-capable core (NURO): A Unity3D based system will provide student profiling, shared VR environment, virtual content and gamification.
  • AI-based adaptive learning component (ADAPTEMY): A simulation and engine calibration component will configure a learner model estimation and recommendations given learning design documents.
  • Machine learning module (KT): This module will identify and extract knowledge on the affecting factors of students performance, considering the social learning within a group, the learner and the teacher profiles.
  • Data analytics module (KT): This module will collect information on the students’ performance, the overall educational style, the class profile into a data warehouse, in order to provide interactive dashboards.
  • Classroom Orchestration Data Lake (KT): This component will collect recording observations (videos, photos, sound recording), with the aim of gathering information for the educational style of the classroom.
  • Data security module (KT): This module will provide safe interconnection of clients and third-party services in the HECOF system via certificates, encrypted format and public key cryptography.
  • Cross platform API module (SIMAVI): This module will provide a cross platform API based on OpenXR, with the aim of integrating multiple technologies (e.g VR/AR) into a single API.
  • Interactive Dashboards module (SIMAVI): This module will provide a Human Machine Interface (HMI) with interactive dashboards, as the front-end platform of HECOF System, promote the situational awareness and develop a Decision Support System (DSS).

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