Use Cases

To pilot and assess the performance of the HECOF prototype system at the EU level, in a “Chemical Engineering” real classroom setting in two pilot studies, in terms of effective and adequate learning experience (completeness), perceived benefits compared to traditional pedagogical model (quality) and user experience (acceptance).
The academic discipline of Chemical Engineering was selected as area for pilot actions for this project because HECOF VR simulations scenarios will safely prepare the chemical engineering students for exceptional situations, particularly those that fall under explosive protection. Two HEIs involved in the project as pilot partners will test the HECOF integrated learning environments at their premises in real classroom settings in the framework of laboratory lessons in Chemical Engineering with the ultimate aim of creating awareness and understanding of the benefits and challenges of leveraging VR with AI for VR-immersive and AI-adaptive learning in higher education sector with a view to kick-starting sustainable and systemic impact.
NTUA and POLIMI are the responsible partners to provide the pilot class.

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