Project Content

WP1 Project management and coordination

1) Compliance with all EU administrative and reporting requirements (throughout project lifetime).
2) Successful achievement of the project objectives on time and within budget.
3) Continuous monitoring of the project’s progress and timely initiation of corrective actions (if needed).

WP2 Requirements analysis & privacy, social and ethical impact assessment

1) Definition of User and Technical Requirements.
2) Ensure that ethics, data protection and privacy are respected in the development, deployment and use of the AI system in education.

WP3 Instructional strategies and assessment design

1) Revision of the learning objectives and the tasks students need to complete to achieve that learning objective within the Chemical Engineering pilot classes.
2) Definition of the scenarios design and instructional activities to enable the effective utilization of the HECOF system capabilities to support the desired learning outcomes.
3) Definition of the conceptual assessment framework and instructional strategy.
4) Content curation from existing teaching resources.

WP4 Agile development of HECOF system

1) Development of the system components.
2) Integrate and deploy the necessary components under the unified HECOF solution.

WP5 Pilot testing, evaluation and impact assessment

1) Recruit students for the pilots and setup the pilot environment.
2) Train the teaching staff and students on how to use the HECOF solution.
3) Identify the starting level of knowledge, skills of students involved in pilot tests.
4) Fully operate and test the HECOF components and architecture on piloting experiments aimed to validate the HECOF prototype solution from a usability and end-user point of view.
5) Provide feedback and recommendations for HECOF system refinement in WP4.
6) Evaluate the effectiveness of the HECOF prototype solution, the potential positive and negative effects of using AI in an immersive learning environment for personalized adaptive learning from the point of view of the pilot studies’ Participants.

WP6 Communication, dissemination and exploitation

1) Widely disseminate and communicate the project’s concept, development and findings to all identified key actors at EU and national political level using effective
communication means and strategies.
2) Cross-dissemination with other relevant EC-funded projects.
3) Define a sustainable framework and feasible business models to ensure the use and future evolution and maintenance of the project results.

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