Highlights from the HECOF Co-Design Workshop at POLIMI

The recent co-design workshop held at Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) marked a significant step forward in the development of the Higher Education Classroom Of the Future (HECOF). Taking place on Tuesday, the 21st, and Wednesday, the 22nd of 2023, this workshop, a fundamental element of requirements engineering, focused on gathering essential insights into the use case from the Department of Chemical Engineering at POLIMI.

The event included presentations from POLIMI, highlighting their laboratory, learning loops, with a specific emphasis on bioreactor usage, and VR training rooms. Adaptemy delved into the intricate utilization of AI for adaptive learning, while Nuromedia GmbH showcased the potential and experiential aspects of VR sessions. To collect essential insights, a co-design session was conducted to understand user needs and system requirements, alongside two focus groups: one composed of students and the other consisting of teaching staff.

Overall, this workshop served as a collaborative platform where diverse expertise, ranging from educational methodologies to cutting-edge technologies, converged.

The expected outcomes aim to provide a roadmap for the development of an adaptive and innovative educational ecosystem – the Higher Education Classroom Of the Future – tailored to meet the evolving needs of both learners and educators.

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